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  Drawing on his 30 years of pioneering work with leaders and peak performers in all fields, from business to sports, and his bestselling books, Dr. Kriegel’s customized speeches and programs outline bold, innovative strategies and practical guidelines for excelling in these turbulent, and rapid changing intensely competitive times.
star Create Change Ready© people and organizations, who are proactive not reactive, leading not following, playing to win as opposed to playing not to lose.  
star Round up sacred cows and eliminate red time activities that cost money and inhibit change and innovation.  
star Develop innovative, “out of the box” thinking strategies for increasing productivity, gaining the competitive edge, and reinventing the game.  
star Motivate people and overcome resistance to change.  
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My team is still buzzing from your visit!…your tailored solutions put us in a great place to scale that next performance peak.”
–Edward Menicheschi, Publisher, Vanity Fair Magazine
I have never seen 200 people more charged up and ready to conquer the world than after your talk.
–Luke S. Helms, Vice Chairman, Bank of America
No one has ever inspired our sales force like you... You made our people believe in doing the impossible! It’s people like you that will shape business leaders of the future.”
–John Barbera, President, Turner Broadcasting Sales, Inc.
You hit it out of the park...your remarks were perfect for our group.”
–David Van Houten C.O.O. Coca Cola Enterprises
“Good companies
react quickly to change…
great companies
create it!