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If it ainaa???t broke... BREAK IT! and Other Unconventional
Wisdom for a Changing Business World

International Best Seller
By Robert Kriegel and Louis Patler

In turbulent times Conventional Wisdom says: Play it safe; Don't mess with success; Work harder and faster; and aa???If it ainaa???t broke, don't fix itaa??? But we can no longer rely on what worked in the past. We must break out of old modes and mind sets and rethink rules, redefine rules, and reinvent the game.

Now, one of the world's leading authorities in the field of human performance challenges the conventional thinking and offers guidelines for an Unconventional Wisdom more suited for these uncertain times. This enlightening book reveals how aa???Break-Itaa??? Thinkers have gotten the edge by overstepping traditional boundaries and creatively paving new paths for achieving their goals and dreams.

Using examples from the author's experience with leaders ranging from the Fortune 500 to Olympic teams, this book shows you how excel in tough times by stoking fires rather than soaking them and by encouraging passion, dreams, and daring. It presents ways to increase productivity, quality, and creativity by breaking the rules and changing the game.

It tells you why avoiding risks is dangerous, and how some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators are constantly taking "safe" risks but not random chances.

It teaches you how to overcome fear so you can be more in control, think more clearly and creatively under pressure, and have more fun at work.

It puts in your hands the reality-based Victory Log and other simple, effective tools to encourage you to take more risks, blaze more trails, and become a Break-It Thinker.

To keep ahead in the nineties, Unconventional Wisdom says: Playing it safe is dangerous; Don't compete change the game; Try easy. And...If it ain't broke...BREAK IT!

How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard -
Rethinking the rules, Reinventing the game

By Robert Kriegel

The world is changing at an incredible pace. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations happening at light speed in every industry are creating big new competitors with deep pockets and long reaches. Technology which evolves every time we turn around has changed, and will continue to change the way we communicate, obtain information, sell our goods and run our businesses. It is also transforming how, where, when and what we buy as well as who we buy from. And rather than slowing down this pace of change will peed up.

Working hard in this type of environment does work. It's the American ethic. And it definitely can lead to success. But as you can see from the strategies discussed throughout this book, it's not the only way. The American ethic is also one of a pioneering spirit, of exploring new territory and possibilities and of taking the path less tread. It is one of creating change and new opportunities, rather than responding to them, of being out in front of the wave rather than trying to keep up with it.

To succeed in these rapidly changing times,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches it is critical to have that pioneering spirit; to challenge old modes, myths, and mind-sets and rethink, redefine and reinvent your business philosophy. The bold, innovative strategies discussed in this book will enable you to develop dramatic new solutions to old problems, create exciting new opportunities and succeed beyond what you ever thought possible, without having to work so damn hard.


By Robert Kriegel and David Brandt
The Business Week Bestseller aa???A must-read!aa???
aa??a? Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One-Minute Manager

Outmoded beliefs, practices, and processes... Blancpain Replica Watches why do so many business people cling to their old established habits as if their lives depended on them? When they live in an era characterized by an unprecedented rate of change? When the very things they refuse to give up, the sacred cows of the business world, are the lodestones that will kill their careers and block their companies' path to success? In this insightful and unique guide, Kriegel and Brandt reveal why people hold on to the old and how to inspire them to bring on the new -- to the point where they're enthusiastically turning even their favorite sacred cows into burgers. Tackling one of the most important business issues of today, the authors demonstrate why the latest panaceas -- like reengineering -- almost always prove unsuccessful. They expose how these buzzword programs overlook the most fundamental element of all business: people. After all, people are the gatekeepers of change, with the power to breathe life into a new program or kill it. If they're excited and positive, it's open sesame; if they're resistant, they'll slam the door in your face. Getting to the heart of the matter, Kriegel and Brandt show you how to coach yourself and other to create Change-Ready?? people and Change-Ready?? organizations.
aa????? Identify sacred cows that take time, cost money, and prevent taking advantage of new opportunities
aa????? Discover where sacred cows hide, round them up, and put them out to pasture
aa????? Prepare an environment in which new ideas can grow and flourish
aa????? Conquer the four types of resistance to change
aa????? Motivate people to welcome change -- five surefire methods make it easy
aa????? Cultivate the seven personal characteristics of Change-Readiness
aa????? Perform at peak levels more often
Accessible, lively, and eminently practical, Kriegel and Brandt teach you and your organization to respond quickly to the exciting challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.

Mastering the Slopes Through Mind/Body Awareness
By Timothy Gallwey and Bob Kriegel

Since its first publication over a decade ago, INNER SKIING has become the book most respected and used by the worldaa???s best skiers and ski schools. It does not teach you technique it shows you how your body will create your own. It does not advocate a style or a method aa???used by expertsaa??? it unlocks your innate ability to ski beyond your bestaa??|to aa???ski out of your mind.aa???
aa????? Learn how to learn naturally
aa????? Overcome fears of falling, failing, and flying
aa????? Gain total concentration
aa????? Tame Self 1 (the mind) and trust Self 2 (the body)
aa????? Improve not only your skiing but the quality of your life
INNER SKIING helps you become aware of your natural talent to ski freely and gracefully without tension, rigidity, or fearaa??|and to experience the joy, the exhilaration of the aa???perfect runaa??? no matter what the level of your experience.

Paperback: 306 pages
Publisher: Archer-Ellison Publishing
(February 1, 2011)

Language: English
ISBN-10: 1574723855
ISBN-13: 978-1574723854
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.7 inches
Performance Under Pressure:

Being at your best when it counts
by Bob Kriegel, Ph.D.

Performance Under Pressure is based on Dr. Kriegelaa???s thirty plus years experience as a pioneer in the field of sports and performance psychology. A co-founder of one of the first sports psychology institutes, Kriegel has coached many Olympic and professional athletes and teams as well as high performing professionals from all fields.

Weaa???re all exposed to new sources of pressure almost every day. But if you push yourself too hard, stress will increase and youaa???ll end up in the Panic Zone which will hinder your productivity and performance as well as your relationships, health and enjoyment. This book outlines actionable mental and physical strategies for overcoming fear, recognizing stressful warning signals, and defusing anxiety and worry. Youaa???ll also learn specific strategies for having more consistent peak performance experiences in any area of your life or career. Living and working in the Peak Zone will enable you to reach new levels in your work, sport and life.

The personal Performance Profile will help you to identify your Peak Zone characteristics and qualities. Subsequent chapters will teach you how to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Mastering the simple tools discussed in this book will enable you to perform better than you ever thought you could and to do and be more than you ever thought possible.
Some areas covered:
aa????? The Performance Triangle
aa????? The Peak Zone: From Mastery to Challenge
aa????? The Panic and Drone Zones
aa????? Obstacles to Peak Performance - The vicious cycle
aa????? Nervous is Normal before a pressure situation
aa????? How to recognize and conquer sabotage thinking
aa????? Mental training: programming yourself for the Peak Zone
aa????? The 90% solution
aa????? Try easier not harder
aa????? Taking risks not chances
aa????? Can do thinking-controlling the uncontrollable
aa????? Getting in shape for the Peak Zone
aa????? Fueling your fire
aa????? Dreams are goals with Wings



Getting Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Things
By Robert Kriegel Ph.D. and Marilyn Harris Kriegel, Ph.D.