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Hereaa???s what past clients have to say about using Dr. Robert Kriegel as a motivational speaker:
aa???Superb message and a great close to our national sales meeting. You were definitely the right choice to to deliver the message I wanted.aa???
aa??a?Robert Dirks S.V.P. Hilton Hotels Corp
aa???Our team had great appreciation for the effort Bob made to understand the needs of our organization and tailor his comments to our business. He was extremely engaging, high energy, and demonstrating a teaching style that makes salient points stick. Bobaa???s thoughts on Innovation and Playing to Win enabled us to open our eyes and have some great conversations on how we could better our organization. aa???
aa??a?Rob Galloway, President, U.S. Synthetic
aa???You were awesome! What you addressed spoke right to the core of what we are going through and what we needed to hear. Not only did your words resonate with our group, but you made it fun and kept the energy level of our audience at a high! It was a great way to finish and our teams left very highly energized, motivated and ready to execute!aa???
aa??a?Caren Latona, Manager Sales Operations, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
aa???My sincere aa???thanksaa??? for a stellar performance and a tremendously impactful keynote message you delivered to my global team. Bob, you are unique in the world of motivational speakers- and I know this from experience. Your preparation, ability to align concepts with our corporate theme, and positively disrupt the thought processes of hundreds of individuals will increase the value of our business and the quality of life of my team. Now thataa???s playing to win. Big Thanks.aa???
aa??a?Philip Saunders, Executive Vice President, SafeNet, Inc.
aa???You hit it out of the park...your remarks were perfect for our group in our ever
changing business world and industry. We look forward to having you at future gatherings.aa???

aa??a?David Van Houten,Audemars Piguet Replica Executive Vice President and C.O.O. Coca Cola Enterprises
aa???Dr. Kriegel brilliantly articulated the business metaphors and challenges through a twenty-first century corporate lens. He delivered his keynote address with great insight and impact and inspired delegates with his frankness, humility and engaging presentation style. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kriegel as a speaker.aa???
aa??a?Agnes Amos aa??a? Coleman, Director, Conferences & Executive Training, The Institute of Internal Auditors
aa???You were just what we needed to energize the team and focus our thinking. We learned new terms like aa???playing not to loseaa???, aa???change the gameaa??? and others that have become a part of our language. Thank you for giving us renewed focus.aa???
aa??a? K. Angela Webb aa??a? President, CertusBank, N.A.
aa???Bob was fantastic! I had relatively high expectations for a motivational, engaging presentation and he knocked it out of the park. The attendees (225) thoroughly enjoyed Bob and his inspirational messages.aa???
aa??a?Symantec Corporation
aa???Bob, itaa???s easy to recommend you, not just for the professional and respectful way you addressed our annual meeting, but because your message is universal in the business world today. No one thinks out of the box enough and most are too complacent to make changes. Your message was timely accurate and well-received. It really hit the spot!.aa???
aa??a?J. Timothy Bryan aa??a? CEO,  National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative

aa???Your passion and energy combined with your light-hearted approach to challenging conventional thinking helped us kick off an afternoon of meaningful discussion. You received very high marks and truly captivated the audience..aa???
aa??a?Sue Podbielski, President and General Manager, Cigna Midwest Markets
aa???Dr. Kriegel instantly connected with our group of senior partners from around the world and was very highly rated in our follow up session which is quite high praise from this group. His strong pre-event preparation meant he knew their issues and spoke their language. Bob energized the group and motivated them to think differently. The result: greater innovation and passion from a group of leaders who were already at the top of their game. Well done!.aa???
aa??a?Ann Marie Rosa, Managing Director, Price Waterhouse Coopers
aa???You did a great job in getting our Global Sales conference off to a great start. The feedback was extremely positive. In addition to a strong and relevant message, your delivery was high energy and entertaining.aa???
aa??a?Gary Bolton, VP Global Marketing, ADTRAN
aa???Thank you for your relevant, inspiring and entertaining 90 minute presentation at our recent
leadership summit. Thanks again for your passion, energy and humor

aa??a?Kerri St. Jean, Snr VP, Comcast
aa???Wonderful addressaa??|thought provoking with useful ideas and extremely helpful strategies on how members can promote positive and effective change and think out of the box to find new business solutions. Our members thoroughly enjoyed your speech and we very much enjoyed working with you.aa???
aa??a?Shirley Bloomfield, CEO, NTCA Rural Broadband Association
aa???over the years we have had a number of speakers but none have been
more on target with this group than you wereaa??|
attendees were delighted and
energized by your uplifting and down-to-earth presentation.aa???

aa??a?Dr. Edward R. Staiano, President, Motorola General Systems Sector
aa???Engaging presentationaa??|your message was on target with our goals
and your passion for the material really embraced the audienceaa???

aa??a?Colleen Barros Deputy Director/Mgmnt National Institute of Health
aa???Your presentation was just right! The combination of high energy and useful information really kicked-off our conference in a big way. Our folks are not shy about criticizing speakers, but in your case, the praise was universal!aa???
aa??a?Mike Ralston, President, Iowa Association of Business and Industry
aa???Thank you for your presentation at our Global Leadership Team meeting You made a difference
at CA Technologies. We are already putting into practice your insights on tackling
sacred cows and playing to win, rather than playing not to lose.

aa??a?William E. McCracken Chief Executive Officer, CA Technologies
aa???aa??|outstanding presentation to our group.
Your segment consistently was rated a five of five with our franchises.aa???

aa??a?Don Pierce, President/CEO, Arbyaa???s
aa???One word...spectacular! Your presentation at our annual sales meeting was spectacular!
The feedback I've received from your speech was extremely positive,
your message really hit home with the team. Thanks!aa???
aa??a?Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President North America, Sun Microsystems Inc.
aa???Never have I heard a speaker who so mesmerized his audience.
You entertained us. You enlightened us. You instructed us. Your message was
right on point with the objectives of the meeting.aa???

aa??a?Dr. Sheldon Lewis, Executive Vice President, breitling replica watches The Clorox Company
aa???Your presentation ( to our travel agent clients) was fantastic! Thanks for everythingaa???
aa??a?Karen Wright, Marketing Manager at Sabre Holdings
aa???Thanks for an inspirational presentation! I hope our paths cross again,
but meanwhile we will work on those sacred cows!

aa??a?William Spindle, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor, University of Alaska Anchorage
aa???Thank you for the tremendous presentation you gave at our National Dealer meeting.
I look forward to working together againaa???

aa??a?Vice President and General Manager Toshiba
Thank you so much for the fine job you did getting our sales team aa???pumped upaa??? for the challenges of a highly competitive and complex health care marketplace.aa???
aa??a?Patrick J. Geraghty President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
aa???Thanks again for your exceptional speech during our annual leadership meetingaa??|and for your phenominal approach to the topic of leadership change management.aa???
aa??a?Bernard Garrigues, Senior Vice President, G.E. Real Estate
aa???Your energetic, humorous and information-filled presentation was a terrific kickoff to one of our most successful conventions ever. aa???
aa??a?Robert Rivinius, CEO, California Building Industry Association
Thanks again for bringing such energy and passion to your speech at our recent leadership conference.
Challenging everything, from process to aa???Sacred Cowsaa??? is in complete lock step with our need as a company to re-invent ourselves. You helped STOKE that fire.
aa??a?Kevin M. Casey President, NorthCentral Division Comcast
aa???Wow! That was a terrific programaa??|
high energy, lots of humor and excellent content with real life anecdotes.aa???
aa??a?Kandace Laass, Director, Quality Learning Services, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Bob Kriegel nailed it! Bobaa???s mesmerizing ninety minutes of stories,
examples and lessons were the highlight of our meeting. aa???

aa??a?Peter A. Niboli Director, California Retail JR Simplot Company
Your motivational session was right on target and the feedback from our staff and our clients gave the clear message that you" hit it out of the park! aa???
aa??a?Jeffery C. Schwalk President, P & C / General Insurance Division CSC
I wanted to thank you again an engaging and inspirational speech
at our regional leadership meeting in Mexico City.
aa??a?Jonathan Baker Director, Corporate & Government Affairs Kraft Foods Latin America
aa???Your presentation at our annual conference was exactly the message we needed. We appreciate the time you took to dive into our company specifics, making your presentation that much more personal to our groupaa??|your insights proved extremely valuable. Thank you for a very entertaining and energetic presentationaa???
aa??a?Lee Myhre, Director of Marketing, Goodfellow Bros Construction
aa???Thank you for delivering such an on-target presentation. aa???
aa??a?Marshall Cohen, Director, Brand Management ConocoPhillips Lubricants
aa???Please accept our sincere appreciation for the excellent contribution
you made to the Robroy Industries 2010 strategy session.
aa??a?Mark Bruner, CEO J4 Communications on behalf of Robroy Industries
aa???Your session received rave reviews! Thank you for helping make our conference a great success! aa???
aa??a?Marianne Fazen, Ph.D. Executive Director SouthWest Benefits association
aa???Your presentation was spot on and your energy and passion in delivering
your message were fantastic, The standing ovation you received from
our delegates is indicative of a message well received.
aa??a?Edwin D. Hill President International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
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aa???Your energy and the way you were able to aa???personalizeaa??? your message
so as to relate your message to our business was phenomenal!aa???

aa??a?Jan Buberl, Director Specialty Products BASF Corporation
aa???Thank you so much for your recent partnership in our aa???Regional Owner Connectionaa??? events.
Your energy and passion help spark action in those who attended, Thanks to you, we are an organization focused on Playing to Win, and will not allow ourselves to aa???hunker to the bunker.aa???

aa??a?Gina Valenti Senior Director, Hilton Hotels/Hampton Brand Management
aa???The theme for our leadership meeting was WOW
and you delivered a WOW presentation that left the team wanting more.aa???

aa??a?Rob Smalling Vice President Human Resources, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.
aa???On behalf of CIGNA and the entire 2009 CIGNA Forum team, I want to thank you for your
participation in making this yearaa???s program a wild success. The audience was engaged, entertained
and sponged up the information to bring back to their office and put into practiceaa???

aa??a?William R. Antonello Regional Marketing Officer, Southeast and East U.S., CIGNA
aa???Bob energized the crowd with his enthusiasm, his clear challenges to the team
and his great sense of humor. He demonstrated his understanding of our business
as he connected his change leadership principles to Roche.aa???

aa??a?Michael Tillmann, President & CEO, Roche Diagnostics Corporation
aa???Thank you for truly a dynamic speech that continues to resonate through our organization.
My VP actually went out and brought water guns for our group to encourage innovation.
aa??a?Carrington M. Carter, Bristol-Myers Squibb
aa???Iaa???d like to commend you on the inspirational speech you gave at the Pennsylvania Bankers Association Annual Meeting. You were both motivational and encouraging and right on target with the topic content.aa???
aa??a?Ralph J. Papa, Chairman, Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania
aa???Bob, just a quick note to share with you that so many employees stopped me to say that you were an excellent, energized, funny, charismatic, speakeraa???
aa??a?Debra McGarity, Sanofi-Aventis
aa???Just a quick note to let you know about the great feedback
we received from our client attendees on Bob Kriegelaa???.
Some of the comments:
Excellent - I feel like I was given something attending this presentation. What a speaker at a conference should be!
Discussion was fantastic. Enjoyed that there was no presentation,just discussion and interaction.
Thought provoking.
Great motivational speaker.
Great speaker, very relevant.

aa??a?Karen Robson Events Manager Epicor Retail
aa???Excellent performance at our management meeting. Your content was right on target for
the changing business environment in which we operate.aa???

aa??a?James A. Unruh, Chairman and CEO, UNISYS
aa???I couldnaa???t be more pleased.
Your very lively presentation really connected with the audienceaa??| you covered many
themes that were very relevant to what our professional sales reps encounter every day.

aa??a?Vice President, Merck
aa???Your speech at our kickoff was terrific. We all appreciated the time you
spent with us in preparation. It made all the difference.aa???
aa??a?Senior Vice President, Allianz
aa???Thank you for your outstanding presentation at GTECH's World Leaders Forum.
Your high energy presentation was exactly what we needed to kick off the opening day of the eventaa???
aa??a?Director of Marketing GTECH Corp
aa???Thank you for the fantastic talk you gave to our worldwide sales management group...
Our internal questionnaire rated you outstanding in content, delivery, manner, motivation and inspiration.aa???
aa??a?Vice President Sales Autodesk
aa???Great job! Your strategies for developing Change-Ready organizations were right
on target for what GTE needs in the shifting tele-communications marketplace.aa???
aa??a?Charles R. Lee, Chairman & CEO, GTE Corporation
aa???Thank you for a powerful and energetic speech that supported the
objectives of our meeting and helped to set the tone we wanted.aa???
aa??a?T. Stephen Gross, President and CEO, Prudential Resources Management

aa???Your speech was right on the button with what we are trying to achieve.
Your energetic style and messages, short, striking stories and anecdotes were fantastic
and a memorable way of motivating a team going through difficult times.aa???
aa??a?Christian Koffmann, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson


aa???Your message supported the objectivesaa??|we all came away feeling inspired and
ready to meet the concerns and challenges facing us at Banc One Mortgage.aa???
aa??a?Albert V. Will, COO, Banc One Mortgage Corporation

aa???Great presentation at our annual sales conference. I am particularly pleased the
way your message tied into their concerns and the objectives of the conference.aa???

aa??a?Stuart R. Lindsay, President, Timex Sales Corporation
aa???I wish you could have overheard the comments following your speech.
You relayed a message which inspired and challenged everyone.aa???
aa??a?Bill Disbrow, President, Val-Pack
aa???Your presentation this year so inspired us that we not only read your book, but put together a NO BULL campaign for our company.aa???
aa??a?Steve Cropper, President, Williams Pipe Line Company
aa???Thank you for your excellent keynote presentation. You out did them all, even Lou Holts and Tom Peters!!!aa???
aa??a?Sterling Swartout, President, International Carwash Association
aa???Your talk went a long way in helping us get people to think about how to respond
to changes and lead their organizations in a changing environment.

aa??a?CFO & Executive Vice President Pfizer, Inc.
aa???What a dynamic keynote address for our group.
You did such a wonderful job appealing to the entire audience.
aa??a?C.E.O. Alliant Resources Group

aa???Thanks for your superb, interesting and motivational speech.
The entire group was inspired by your presentation."
aa??a?Executive Vice President Legacy Partners


aa???I just wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent speech.
Our associates felt you were motivating, full of energy and had an
effective message for the entire group."
aa??a?Director Strategy and Business Development AT&T

aa???Thank you for a most entertaining and lively presentation.
Your delivery and fascinating content certainly motivated the audience.aa???
aa??a?Vice President American Gear Manufacturing Association
aa???We are all aa???juicedaa??? to Play to Win! Thanks Dr. Bob! You were just what we needed. I appreciate all the time you put into your presentation. It was very well received.aa???
aa??a? Lisa McGreevy aa??a? President & CEO, Online Lenders Alliance
aa???Thanks for an outstanding job.
Your weaving of our industry facts and figures into your comments.
We look forward to working with you again in the future."
aa??a?President Toy Industry Association
aa???Your outstanding presentation was high energy and fun.
Your delivery style was captivating and maximized audience engagement
and your anecdotal stories and references were extremely helpful in enabling
our co-workers to apply your information to our specific business needs."
aa??a?CEO Pure Fishing
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